Electroluminescent Displays

    Electroluminescent Displays (ELDs) are a type of Flat panel display created by sandwiching a layer of electroluminescent material such as GaAs between two layers of conductors. When current flows, the layer of material emits radiation in the form of visible light. Electroluminescence (EL) is an optical and electrical phenomenon where a material emits light in response to an electric current passed through it, or to a strong electric field.

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Ricoh C7100X

New Ricoh prints on Metallic, Black and Vellum papers with additional White or Clear Our newest machine is an incredible piece of technology.  The Ricoh has a 5th station to allow us to print White or Varnish, this coupled with a mechanical registration system allows for some unique variable pieces. The C7100X also supports paper up to 27.5″ long for pieces (13″ x 27.5″) we can’t wait to start testing the Ricoh on an assortment of stocks.

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Canada Post Expert Partner 3 Years Running

      DIGITAL EDGE PRINT & MEDIA SERVICES AWARDED CANADA POST EXPERT PARTNER FOR THE 3RD YEAR IN A ROW We are delighted to inform you that Digital Edge Print & Media Services has been awarded the Canada Post Expert Partner designation for 2015. As one of a select few companies throughout Canada who have met the criteria necessary to achieve this designation, we are extremely excited to be able to pass on the benefits of this partnership to you….. to help you further extend and maximize your marketing communications. With the Expert Partner Program Digital Edge will be able to provide you with: • Access to the most recent product and […]

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New KIP C7800 Wide Format Posters

Our Newest addition at Digital Edge, Konica Minolta’s C7800 from KIP.   Beautiful full colour posters and banners in seconds.  With several stocks to choose from that are water proof and light fast these prints give you amazing quality for a low cost. Contact us to place an order or discuss trade pricing

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Video Greeting Cards

Video Greeting cards or Video Brochures As they are commonly known are available from Digital Edge Print & Media.  These powerful marketing tools are fully customizable to suit your needs, with quality printed outer graphics in many configurations and video that can play automatically on opening the card. Leave a lasting Impression The originality and wow factor will encourage the recipient to show off their Video Brochure to as many people as possible, which will dramatically increase the reach of your campaign. Through the combination of traditional print marketing and the use of high-resolution video, Video Brochures deliver exceptional ROI as well as leaving a lasting impression in the minds […]

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Center Pop-ups

Center Pop-Ups are our most versatile and time tested format. As with all our patented formats, the Center Pop-Up is fully customizable in size, orientation (vertical or horizontal layout) and for added value, you may include tear off coupons or even a business reply card (BRC). Additionally, the ever versatile Center Pop-UP can include a pocket to hold booklets, CDs, DVDs or even gift cards. We are not finished…Utilize Wire-O-Bind pages and/or affix a Post-It note to provide your message even more staying power. Our patented automated production involves little to no hand work, making this a cost effective direct mail piece with a fast production time to meet your […]

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Full Colour Blueprints and Plans

  Fastest Colour Printer in the GTA Our high-speed digital blueprint printing service makes every print a crisp, high quality original, printed directly from your digital files. We can print up to 36″ wide by over 30′ in length. With speeds of up to 4,200 feet per hour your job can be done in minutes. Whether it is high volume set printing or a simple enlargement or reduction we can handle your job. Our printing service offers both black & white and colour printing up to 36″ wide. We can output your design files onto a variety of media including standard bond, presentation bond, vellum or mylar. Multiple file types […]

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National Association of Major Mail User Member

Digital Edge is now a member of The National Association of Major Mail Users (NAMMU). The National Association of Major Mail Users (NAMMU) is the voice of the Canadian mailing industry. NAMMU represents the business interests of end users and the supplier infrastructure from concept to execution. NAMMU’s mission, in partnership with Canada Post, is to provide the quality of strategic and operational consultation and input from industry that ensures an innovative, efficient, affordable and sustainable postal system for all Canadians. Our VP Jason Farmer has signed on with NAMMU’s innovation committee.

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Real Estate Signage and Marketing Materials

The Real Estate print mark is very saturated and now more than ever Realtors need to stand out from the crowd.  Whether it is using Mailings of real estate post cards and flyers to show just listed and just sold properties or folded brochures to send real estate newsletters to existing clients, our range of products ensures you get full colour, customized designs at competitive prices. We offer a host of complimentary products for your real estate marketing materials and listing presentations such as pocket folders, letter head, envelopes, notepads, magnet cards, magnet calendars, and much more.  You will get the best price for your marketing materials which allows you to […]

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Plastic Cards

Digital Edge Print & Media is a supplier of Plastic and Metal cards to Canada. Using plastic cards affords improved convenience, better security and of course customer loyalty. Plastic cards are now used in almost every industry in one form or another. We provide the full gamut of plastic card features, plain or with magnetic stripe, smart cards, NFC (Near Field), RFID and more. Loyalty Cards Easiest way to maintain a relationship with your client and keep them commited to your brand. Smart Cards Extremely versatile, manage and store data securely with a smart card, unaffected by the environment. Business Cards Unique and durable, add foil or print on clear […]

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