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Perpetual Folder

Perpetual Folder

The Perpetual Folder has a unique folding action that makes the product almost impossible to put down. Once you have turned it you just keep on going.

It transforms ordinary publicity material into a mind-boggling, interactive mailer. This affordable, innovative marketing product will be played with for hours, kept and remembered.

It does one rotation after another revealing a different aspect of the piece card on every turn. It is an absolutely fascinating product. Of course, this high degree of interaction makes it absolutely perfect as a promotional marketing tool as your message is viewed over and over again. Unlike leaflets, pamphlets and booklets, the Perpetual Folder is unlikely to be thrown into the bin and so your marketing budget is really well spent when you pick the Perpetual Folder as your promotional choice.

Product Features

  • In-line manufacturing process
  • Mail-able
  • Canada Post approved mail piece
  • Engaging
  • Interactive
  • Add coupons or business reply card


  • Direct Mail (self mailers)
  • Event Invitations
  • Sales Aid