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Grommet-Less Wheels

Grommet-Less Wheel

The grommet-less wheel is a big winner when it comes to giving your marketing budget a handsome return on investment. Hand assembled wheel products were once used exclusively for providing facts and statistics. Now, with the introduction of our fully automated manufacturing process, rivets-less wheels have transcended into the mainstream of the high impact direct mail sector.

This interactive and versatile design provides marketers and their design teams with endless possibilities for engaging their customers. The turning of the wheel will reveal one or more messages through custom die-cut windows. This is sure to provide a “hands on” approach to communication with your target audience.

Product Features

  • In-line manufacturing
  • Mail-able
  • Engaging
  • Flexible design capabilities
  • Custom die cut shapes
  • Removable coupons & BRC


  • Direct Mail (self mailers)
  • Calendars & Schedules
  • Sales Aids