Digital Edge has partnered with hologram manufacturers to supply the North American market

Holograms as small as a dime and as large as 8″ can be produced economically with turnaround times as quick as 7 business days.

Holographic Security Labels

Digital Edge offers a large variety of security style holograms to protect and secure your products, with these labels its possible to combat counterfeiting and indicate tampering of your product.

Holographic Security Labels

OPP Transparent Laser Labels

The newest product in the hologram market allows for the hologram to be printed on a see through material instead of a foil, allowing intricate designs to enhance your product.

Transparent Laser Labels

OPP Transparent Laser Labels

Peel & Stick Label, Butterfly Pouches & films, Thermal Transfer Foil for PVC Card printers. Secure your business with the unique multi-spectrum Holographic overlays. The hologram measures 2.125”x 3.3” and fits on butterfly pouches and cards perfectly.

  • Each hologram is Peel & Stick and is applied manually.
  • The holograms are thin (2 mil thick) so that the holographic film is barely noticeable.
  • Holograms are ideal for enhancing the security of your card and increase the durability of the card surface.
  • The hologram is clear and the information on the ID card is visible at all angles.
  • The hologram plays with light beautifully and is a fantastic security measure for your IDs.
  • We also offer stock designs with text and images
Holographic Overlay ID Cards

Product Description

  • Self adhesive label made on metalized polyester film with customized design.
  • Used for authentication & security of branded products & valuable documents.
  • The unique holographic technology incorporating multiple security features to enhance the protection & visual appeal of the seal.
  • Security seals are supplied with tamper evidence properties, which provide clear
    indication of any attempt of removal of the seal.
  • Tamper evident seals can be supplied with different release properties.
  • Holographic images are also used for Promotional purposes with attractive images.
  • Seals are supplied in sheets or rolls and can be made for application on Hot Stamp
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