Printing Services

Printing Services



Lithography has changed considerably over the years. Once a mainstay of brand development, litho print has become an important part of marketing… in a different way. Large volumes of print have decreased while a blend of technology and digital resources have “fine tuned” the use of litho and associated medias.

What has remained a priority is the end goal, where litho or any other technology is required. Quality.

Digital Edge consistently pursues utilizing the mix of new technologies with the usefulness of litho print. Nothing meets the demand where consumer packaging exists like litho print. We have encouraged processes technologically built around print runs to maximize the level of quality and meet all expectations of our clientele.

The “blend” of later and newer technologies is where we thrive… where “timeless craftsmanship” meets the necessities of today’s marketing needs.

Digital Printing


“Digital Edge has a devoted commitment to maintaining critical technologies that meet and enhance our customer driven expectations. “Just in Time” capability is also part of the solution driving our technology Dependent solutions. With this, it’s no wonder that our direction includes both Xerox and Konica Minolta equipment, to get the job done.

Our strengths are obvious in the following services that we provide in the digital environment.

  • High speed digital reproduction featuring exceptional reproduction in a timely manner.
  • The right software and the right people to maintain & generate intense variable data marketing programs
  • Database integration on sophisticated – longer running programs

This also includes the savvy to mix printed collateral materials with web interactivity, when you require it.

BUT… it doesn’t stop there!
Being a forerunner of other technologies that blend with the digital solution, we can incorporate other lucrative and creative products that push the scope beyond your creative expectations. Items like…

  • Incorporation of Near Field Communication (NFC) in printed products
  • Utilization of web technologies to PUSH & PULL your message – from a printed piece to SMART devices
  • Security based solutions printed and “Built In” to your high value coupon or direct mail program

The list goes on and on… Give us your “Digital Dilemma” and we will custom tailor a solution… ON TIME – ON BUDGET!

Large Format


Signage, banners, posters, vehicle wraps and display systems are only some of the items we produce in large format. Digital Edge can handle small to large volumes of large format projects to meet your needs.

Add to this a variety of finishing capabilities and a large selection of substrates and we can virtually handle any request in production. Be it roll-fed or flatbed printing, vector cutting, mounting, and installs, Digital Edge can provide the solution in a timely and cost effective manner.

Even variable data can be applied to this process, where a volume of printed material is required with image and text variables to match data supplied by customers.


Dynamically Drive Your Concepts Utilizing Data & Reach Out at a Personal Level to Your Customer

Whether its as simple as numbering a printed form or the complexity of a direct mail campaign – any project requiring data to drive images & text personalization, personalized web-urls and websites, Digital Edge has the right people and the right technology to make it work in real time.

We can work within any software discipline and create a program from your data that will reach out personally to your customer, increasing loyalty and the ROI of your brand.