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Digital Printing

Short print runs and print material that changes frequently or requires “personalization,” are ideally suited for digital print. Training manuals, safety manuals, large format posters and banners, handbooks, special events brochures, POP displays – you name it – our digital print department is equipped to finish your jobs quickly, reliably and with top quality. We combine offset and digital print capabilities under one roof, enabling us to choose the production method best suited for your job – offset, digital or a combination of both – saving you time and money. How can you benefit from Digital Edge Print & Media’s digital printing services? There are a number of ways: Produce […]

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Center Pop-ups

Center Pop-Ups are our most versatile and time tested format. As with all our patented formats, the Center Pop-Up is fully customizable in size, orientation (vertical or horizontal layout) and for added value, you may include tear off coupons or even a business reply card (BRC). Additionally, the ever versatile Center Pop-UP can include a pocket to hold booklets, CDs, DVDs or even gift cards. We are not finished…Utilize Wire-O-Bind pages and/or affix a Post-It note to provide your message even more staying power. Our patented automated production involves little to no hand work, making this a cost effective direct mail piece with a fast production time to meet your […]

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Grommet-less Wheels

The grommet-less wheel is a big winner when it comes to giving your marketing budget a handsome return on investment.  Hand assembled wheel products were once used exclusively for providing facts and statistics.  Now, with the introduction of our fully automated manufacturing process, rivets-less wheels have transcended into the mainstream of the high impact direct mail sector. This interactive and versatile design provides marketers and their design teams with endless possibilities for engaging their customers.  The turning of the wheel will reveal one or more messages through custom die-cut windows.  This is sure to provide a “hands on” approach to communication with your target audience.  

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Sliding Pop-up

Our patented Sliding Pop-Up continues to be one of the most attention grabbing formats available.  When your customer pulls the slide, your message on the front panel not only pops up but can be virtually die-cut in any shape you desire.  This ultimately enhances the visual presentation of your product and message. One of the cool design features of the Sliding Pop-Up is its unique ability to pop-up and reveal a hidden panel, this interaction will further reinforce your message. Sliding Pop-Ups are a unique and effective marketing tool that, due to our automated production methods, remains a low cost tool and therefore will fit any marketing budget.    

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What a better way to engage your customer than to provide a hidden message.  Simply bend the outer sleeve back and forth and then proceed to pull apart to reveal your brilliant marketing message. There are two ways this product can be offered: With a patented “break included” Crack-A-Part, where each half of the outer sleeve pulls apart to a determined distance revealing a hidden panel that will contain your communication piece. When used without the “stops”, the Crack-A-Part will allow the two halves of the outer sleeve to separate completely which will allow the hidden middle panel to be removed.  This panel can be used for coupons or even […]

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Postcard Printing: Top 5 Reasons It’s an In-Demand Marketing Tool

Postcard printing may not seem much to some people. Postcards are not as expensive or rare to find unlike some objects. It is not something that most people would want to collect or buy on a whim, unless one is on a traveling trip. But there lies the potential and the strength of postcard printing which some people may overlook. Even in today’s modern world, there are just some things that are more tangible. It’s like old habits die hard. Postcards and mails are one of those habits. Postcards are sent through the mail to a diverse set of audience. The mail is always checked for something, even when people […]

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Digital Edge Named Canada Post Expert Partner

    DIGITAL EDGE PRINT & MEDIA SERVICES JOINS CANADA POST EXPERT PARTNER PROGRAM FOR 2013 We are delighted to inform you that Digital Edge Print & Media Services has been selected to join the Canada Post Expert Partner Program for 2013. As one of only thirty-eighty companies throughout Canada who have met the criteria necessary to achieve this designation, we are extremely excited to be able to pass on the benefits of this partnership to you….. to help you further extend and maximize your marketing communications. With the Expert Partner Program Digital Edge will be able to provide you with: • Access to the most recent product and service […]

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