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Magic Window

Our new Magic Window product is the latest addition to our expansive slide and reveal format. This exciting marketing design can magically transform any black and white image to full colour and/or change your graphics and text in the same way. This dramatic process will express your marketing communication in a vibrant and impressive manner. The possibilities are essentially whatever your creative group can conceive.      

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Slide & Reveal

The interactive action of pulling a slide to reveal information and hidden messages is, without a doubt, one of the most engaging and impactful formats available.  This fully customizable product provides flexibility by offering single or double slides, with or without a cover and endless possibilities for including generous die-cut window placement. Picture your marketing message getting a longer look than a traditional direct mail piece.  Invaluable!  

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What a better way to engage your customer than to provide a hidden message.  Simply bend the outer sleeve back and forth and then proceed to pull apart to reveal your brilliant marketing message. There are two ways this product can be offered: With a patented “break included” Crack-A-Part, where each half of the outer sleeve pulls apart to a determined distance revealing a hidden panel that will contain your communication piece. When used without the “stops”, the Crack-A-Part will allow the two halves of the outer sleeve to separate completely which will allow the hidden middle panel to be removed.  This panel can be used for coupons or even […]

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The difference between Offset Printing and Digital Printing

The older and more commonly used form of printing is offset printing. Offset printing was originally invented in 1875 and was used to print on the metal, tin. However, it wasn’t until 1903 that Ira Washington Rubel created an offset press that could print on paper. To print on paper with an offset press is a technique that is more than 100 years old and is still practiced today. What are the benefits of using offset as a printing technique? • Consistent High Quality Images • Quick production with printing plates • Plates can withstand more then 1 million impressions • Spot Colours, Varnishes and Specialty Papers are available • […]

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